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Hello, and thank you for visiting the Global Hemp website. I am Eric Pollitt, founder of Global Hemp. My interest in natural fibers began in the late 1980s after reading an article on kenaf’s ability to substitute wood in the manufacturer of paper. The kenaf plant is native to Africa and is related to cotton and okra. Kenaf’s major benefactor is that it can produce large annual yields of fiber. However, according to the article the major problem with kenaf was its lack of harvesting and processing machinery. In early 1996 while researching uses for kenaf on the Internet, I came across an enormous amount of information on “industrial hemp” or hemp. With further research, I found that hemp can serve as a feedstock for virtually anything that is currently produced from cotton, petroleum, soybeans, and of course trees.

I found myself completely amazed and continue in doing so at the several uses for hemp. I recalled the obvious that hemp was once used for cordage in days long past. I also recalled a friend of mine explaining to me that hemp is an excellent archival paper and that it was available from China. The facets of the hemp plant became more obvious to me; the pieces of the puzzle were finally being placed together!

Contradictions to the great uses for hemp were obvious — marijuana (marihuana/Indian hemp). With further research I learned that hemp and marijuana are essentially different plants. While hemp and marijuana are of the same species cannabis sativa L. they are seperate varieties. Each has their own uses and can not be substituted for one another. Hemp does not produce a favorable amount of THC and marijuana is poor at producing quality fiber. The psychoactive ingredient that produces the “high” in marijuana is delta–9 tetrahydrocannibol or THC. For optimal results, marijuana users want a THC content of 6–20 percent. Hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, usually less than three tenths percent (0.3%). By any account, there is not enough THC in industrial hemp to give a marijuana user their desired effect. Furthermore, hemp contains a high amount of CBD which actually blocks out THC uptake. Smokers of hemp will receive nothing more than a headache.


Global Hemp was officially established on Friday, April 19, 1996 in Federal Way, Washington. Global Hemp’s early roots as an Internet business included the Global Hemp Archives and the Global Hemp Emporium. The Global Hemp website is designed to provide value-added information for those interested in learning more about hemp. The intentions of the available information is to provide a source of hemp related materials that are grouped together in one place for the users convenience, as well as a safeguard against misinterpretations of hemp’s potential uses.

In September 1998, Global Hemp relocated to Peoria, Illinois.

The Global Hemp Store opened on Friday, November 28, 2003.

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